Model 3P4 Series Controller Units

See the UL – SAMs manual for complete list of NEMCO control units Recognized by UL – for USA and for Canada
Totally Self Contained -Electronic CHASER Units –Connect AC Power and Loads – Speed Control
These Model 3P4 units are suitable for mounting inside the sign enclosure cabinet.

Other Package Options = See Control units Mounted in 4″ JUNCTION Box – or- WATERPROOF Box
Chaser Controllers operate from 120 Vac – or- 24 Vac – 3 or 4 Circuit Chaser – 5 Amps per Circuit Output
FLASH RATE SPEED – Variable from 50 to 650 FPM – Size – 5 x 2.6 x 1” for the potted – encapsulated models (limited supply)
Optional JACKPOT CONTROL for Casino use – needs dry relay contact

Slave Control Units – Each “Slave” contains 4 Independent SOLID STATE RELAYS (SSR) – Either 5A or 20A Output
These units are available for operation from – 120 Vac – or from 24 Vac… the 24V unit will operate reliably down to 10 Vac.

SLAVE Control Units – Connect to ANY Controller Chase Light Pattern through OPTICALLY Isolated INPUT Color coded wires
You can add indefinite numbers of SLAVE units as needed for your application.- SEE – “WIRING DIAGRAMS
SLAVE units are available for 120 Vac and 24Vac Input & Output Voltages.
Each SLAVE contains 4 independent Inputs – and 4 independent Outputs = 4 Independent Solid State Relays (SSR)

HYBRID SLAVE units will allow low voltage DC Input Control voltage DC (9 to 15 Vdc) – Very low input current needed ~ 10 ma. These HYBRID Slaves can be driven with logic level DC volts. – Even a simple 9 volt battery can control these HYBRID units..

Model 3P4 Series Controller Units

1 – 20

21 – 39

40 up


Model 3P4-1on 2off- 3 circuits- 24V- 20A $63 $61 $59 Buy Now
Model 3P4-1on 3off- 4 circuits- 24V- 20A $68 $66 $64 Buy Now
Model 3P4-1on 3off- 4 circuits- 24V- 5A $53 $51 $49 Buy Now